Borderless logistics. Possibility in every direction.

Quick and reliable freight forwarding is often impossible to carry out using just one type of transport. In such cases multimodal transportation is indispensable, because it allows to combine sea, road and air modes of freight transport. Multimodal freight often makes it also possible to substantially reduce both time and expenses.

Multimodal transportation means using a variety of carriers (sea, road, rail transport, air freight) under a single forwarding agreement between a customer and a forwarder. Multimodal freight is one of the priority activities for Smart Auto LTD.

It requires consistency, coordination, thorough routing, high level of professionalism and consolidation of the team managing transportation of a cargo at every stage of transportation. Smart Auto specialists cope with this task and determine the most optimal way of using one or another type of transport in terms of costs and quickness for every portion of the route of your cargo.

Flexibility. Reliability. Safety.

We provide all type of sea/air/inland freight services, also can offer both FCL and LCL service with a  wide choice of ocean carriers, this allows us flexibility to provide more frequent sailings, additional vessel space and reliable schedules.
Our managers closely monitor your shipment from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely informed of its progress.
We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery of the cargo and ensure satisfaction of our clients.
Еvery new client brings something new into our logistics services. We cooperate successfully with different clients for many years. We appraise every new situation from different points of view to find new ways for delivering –  all of this we also call flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

To calculate the cost of your good’s carriage please contact our managers. The price depends on many factors: the size of cargo, loading methods, place od destination, payment methods, etc. Therefore, in each case the cost of delivery will be different.

Yes, Smart Auto provides hazardous cargo transportation service. Conditions of such carriage are discussed with our partners on an individual basis.

We can deliver cargo anywhere in the world by land, air and water transport. Our offices are located in Odessa and Kiev.

Cargo insurance/freight insurance is available on request. We also offer bookkeeping service and documentation support.

Yes, our warehouses are located in Przemysl, Zahony (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and Pordenone (Italy), so we can provide best prices for LCL service; weighing and measurement are also at your service.